RJ Prints Variable Digital Print is the ultimate one to one company for marketeers and agencies.

There has never been a better way to use variable information for marketeers. RJ Print Digital Print can create full colour, fully personalised print documents, your ideas, plans and production all flow together in one elegant streamlined process. Your ideas will work faster, your costs will come down and your customers will respond.

Our customers span the gamut from direct marketing advertising agencies, marketing services providers up to publishing groups of enterprises.

Personalised visuals make an impression.

For example, appeal to different age groups by changing type styles and colour schemes, show a picture of the exact product model each customer owns and present special offers only to premium customers.
There is no need to compromise your design just because the project calls for variable data driven elements.

Making Sense of Variable Data Printing

We'll help you design a document that meets your clients needs and is optimised for variable information printing - making each document personal to each and every customer.

Direct Results for Direct Marketeers.
Why limit personalisation to just a name?

Each additional personalised element significantly increases the response rates for your campaign.

You define what is needed from the database, establish the business rules and create the variable objects used in the design.

 From conception, through creation, to final production, you can make changes and remain flexible during the entire workflow.

RJ Print will merge your data and design automatically creating personalised documents for each recipient in your database.

Because RJ Print keeps these components separate until production, you can make last minute changes at anytime.

RJ Print will store files of all your jobs securely in our computer network. Any time you need all or part of a document reprinted, we can have it to you in hours.

Digital Variable Data Printing and Personalisation

We provide fast and efficient digital printing of letters, forms, invoices, statements, carriers, and labels etc.

We have continuous reel full colour digital printing capabilities. Our Xeikon digital printers are capable of printing addresses, barcodes and images onto a variety of media. These print at fast speeds and in high quality, and can use all font formats available from Windows NT and Apple Mac.

With this versatility we can offer you the total solution for personalising your direct mail:

    * Personalised mail
    * Questionnaires
    * Order forms/statements/invoices
    * Multi-address positioning
    * Barcoding
    * Personalised messages & logos


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