Customer Care

In meeting the needs of all its customers, RJ Print strives to fully understand its customers and provide a proactive partner in the document management process.

   1. Mastering/Proof Process

All files for mastering should be provided by the client. These files should include all information required for the digital reproduction of the digitally printed piece. If files are sent by e-mail, it is the responsibility of the client to provide proper paperwork and notification via fax or e-mail within 24 hours of sending files. Mastering of e-mailed files will not take place until the necessary and appropriate paperwork has been supplied (i.e., a purchase order).

At the completion of the mastering process, all files, scans, documents etc. will be returned to the customer with the proof. Priority for mastering will be determined by the Due Date provided by the client.

   2. Order Specifications

All orders for printing requirements need to be accompanied by a purchase order/order number, with the quantity, delivery date required, applicable shipping information and any part numbers or other descriptions for the products ordered.

Only approved pieces (product that has gone through the mastering process and has had a proof signed off by the client) may be ordered. Orders will not be accepted for items not approved or released for production.

The minimum order amount for any manual order is 25.00, if this is incorrect on the purchase order, the client will be asked to correct the item in their system and a corrected purchase order must be received within 24 hours to validate that cost. Any items in question on a purchase order will not be processed until the corrected purchase is received. Orders received without any of the preceding information will not be accepted.

Order Cancellations

Certain charges will apply depending on the amount of work expended to create a proof or correct a file, with a minimum cancellation charge of 25.00 per order. Once a proof has been approved the order cannot be cancelled.


RJ Print provides proofs for certain types of products. There is a charge for each proof requested by the customer. For example, if a proof is requested and delivered and a change is made to that proof before a production run is made, an additional charge is applied. The reason this is required is due to the time consuming effort to make the file compatible with our printing engines, check the colour quality and save the file to an off-line storage device for disaster recovery or for reprinting in the future.

   3. Production

Before production can begin on any product, a signed approval form must be obtained from the responsible department or individual. The Due Date on the purchase order will reflect the date needed at the client. RJ Print will confirm with the client that the order required date is acceptable based on the existing manufacturing workload and expectations of the customer.

   4. Quality Control

 Quality is guaranteed by RJ Print. Only the highest quality digitally printed product will be shipped to our clients. Our clients have the right to reject printed material if it does not meet their quality standards. RJ Print will replace or repair it with acceptable product within 2 working days.

Any quality issues or concerns will be forwarded to the clients Production Manager at RJ Print and a written response with corrective actions will be returned to the client within 5 business days.

   5. Delivery & Shipping

Collection / Delivery

Depending on the location of the client, delivery of proofs will take place via overnight delivery service to the address determined by the client's request. If files are e-mailed, it is the responsibility of the client to provide proper paperwork and notification via fax within 24 hours of sending files.



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